Completed Stories and Downloads

Because reading bits and pieces sucks, I’m putting up stories I complete here for your reading enjoyment. No longer do you have to navigate awkward columns, trying to find which part you’re at. For your ease (and so I can have a decent portfolio), I’ve collated completed stories here.

A word about sharing these: let’s follow the “don’t be an asshole rule.” Feel free to download these as much as you want, to share them, print them; in fact, please do! Please tell your friends! Post it wholesale elsewhere, I don’t care! Just don’t take without attribution. When in doubt, ask, and because I’m not exactly a copyright lawyer, if we’re still in doubt ask yourself this question: Would doing this make me an asshole? If the answer is yes, then don’t do it and everything will be cool. Capice? Of course, because you’re all intelligent, beautiful, and compassionate people. Did I mention that you can post this stuff elsewhere? I did? Awesome.



The Vampire’s Touch: PDF 

This is a short story I wrote as part of a friendly competition that didn’t really get off the ground. It’s a short story that features the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen when they are forced to endure a dinner party together. It’s an attempt at a comedy of manners, and for the most part, I believe it was successful.


Mass Effect: Ghost: PDF

This is a short story and the first completed story from the website contest I held. The story idea was “a renegade choice from Mass Effect 2 where the character wasn’t an idiot.” It’s an action drama, with lots of stuff that blows up and people getting unnecessary holes poked in them.


The First Date: PDF

This is a story I wrote on the train and which I finished at my friend’s house, start to finish, in about an hour of writing. It’s rough and unfinished, but it’s also a hell of a lot of fun. It’s a comedy in the style of a Vinyl Cafe story.


With the Blessed Lance of the Archangel: PDF

This short story was my submission to Machine of Death 2. It wasn’t accepted for publication within the book, but as of the time of posting, there is the possibility it could be used for another project. Obviously, it features the machine, and is a detective story set in 1911 Berlin.


Glass and Iron, or, The Fighter: PDF

This story was written as the second winner for my website’s contest. It’s a story from the perspective of a man with Down’s Syndrome, written with a focus on the character. It was a very difficult story to write, and is simultaneously exactly what I wanted it to be, and in no way, shape, or form, what I wanted it to be. Just a quick note: when I published it on the website in serial form, it was titled A Home of Glass and Iron. Realizing that that’s a bad title, I’ve retitled it Glass and Iron, or, The Fighter, which makes much more sense and doesn’t sound as bad.



Collision Course: PDF

This story was entered into the Toronto Star 2012 Short Story Contest. It didn’t win (or else you’d all have read it already), but it’s a fun little diversion about racism, air travel, and how bumping into people can change everything, or it can change nothing.


Coyotes and Cowboys: PDF

These are small stories I wrote as a flash-fiction day for a regular Wednesday update a few weeks ago. These stories are quick stories that try to mimic both Native folk tales and the cowboy stories that I love.




§ 5 Responses to Completed Stories and Downloads

  • Anonymous says:

    As an aside, I could never apply the “Would doing this make me an a-hole?” theory to the rest of my life. I would NEVER do a thing. Basically, I’m an a-hole. Haha.

    • calamanas says:

      No no, because there’s a loophole here. “Would doing this MAKE me an asshole” is the operative clause. If you’re already an asshole, then you’re in the clear. Or the opposite. Something like that.

  • Jon Buckley says:

    John, just license your work under the Creative Commons license you want

    • Calamanas says:

      I already have, but I figured that spelling out what I would like to happen would also be a good idea. And basically, with a non-commercial, attribution, non-derivative license, it’s pretty much just the “don’t be an asshole” rule.

  • Nova says:

    I commend you on your readable pdfs.

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