About and Contact

JOHN MOYER is a pro-NBA player who’s fallen on hard times. Losing the dream that had gotten him into the League in the first place, he wanders aimlessly through the pro-sport circuit. Meanwhile, aliens invade the cartoon homeland of his childhood friends. Desperate for help, they enlist John in a basketball game to decide the future of cartoon land. Can they turn the tide of this alien invasion through the power of basketball, friendship, and the dreams we all have inside us?

John Moyer, when he’s not ripping off Space Jam, is a student and a writer. He’s finished his Masters of History at the University of Toronto and is slowly going insane. His writing career doesn’t extend much beyond this blog, but he’s working on it. He’s mostly just doing his thing, and is grateful for anyone who came on by to check the page out.

Email: unintentionalgenius@gmail.com

Twitter: JohnIntentional


§ One Response to About and Contact

  • Ghadzilla says:

    Damn you, it’s 1 am, I have work in the morning and you’ve got me now watching Space Jam clips. I hope you’re happy.

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