A Little Middle-Of-The-Road Reward

June 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

As of the writing I’ve done today, Lovers (which still needs a better goddamned title) is now a document with 101 pages (not even close to industry formatting, so that doesn’t mean much) and 71k words.

This is great news! My writer’s block, which was one of the reasons I started Lovers, manifests itself as the quest for the ‘new shiny’. In other words, when one project gets difficult, everything else starts to look that much more interesting, naturally drawing my eye (and my attention) away.

Yes, that is what happened with Crown. I don’t think anyone misses it too much (but I should get around to finishing it). But now I think I’ve invested myself so much into Lovers that not only can I see the end approaching (not soon, but it’s coming. That’s a big step for me), but it’s becoming easier to work towards that ending.

Don’t get me wrong: actually finishing a project this big will be terrifying and incredibly difficult for me. But that said, I’m at the point where I can start to actually imagine what it will be like to finish this.

For that, I think I deserve a reward. Take it away, ponies!


John would like to remind his audience that he is, in fact, not a brony. This has been confirmed by many reputable sources.


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