And The Winner Is: Democracy

May 5, 2012 § 2 Comments

Because if 1990s action movies taught me anything, it’s that democracy, when represented by a white man with a shaved head, always wins.

Take that, Nazis and Eastern Europeans.

The Illuminati is involved? It’s like Assassin’s Creed is REAL

In more relevant news, it looks like the poll result that got the most votes was “More essays/reviews/cool stuff I find”. I’m ok with that. I wanted to increase the amount of times I blogged regardless of the suggested outcome, and more stuff is always cool. I’ll try and work in more things that I normally encounter and that you’ll find interesting. Music, movies, and books will, however, remain the highest points of discussion. Because I like them, so there.

I will start by reviewing you: you are awesome.

And as for the results of the contest, Mr. Dave Godin is the lucky recipient of a wonderful prize!

What is that prize? Well, it was going to be a gift certificate to either or Amazon, but because he lives like, twenty minutes away from me, it’s going to be an actual book (screw you, assorted lifestyle products and other fine goods!) that I will not only get him, I will also get, read myself, and then mercilessly review.

Because that’s what you wanted now, isn’t it? Uh-huh. It is.

Also, I found out this amazing site called: I do not recommend checking it out the day after you get paid, unless you like buying awesome things. Then you should go absolutely nuts, because it’s what I’m doing. I have 7 tabs open and I haven’t even gotten dressed yet. My bank account weeps openly (the tears, you see, are made of dollar bills).



§ 2 Responses to And The Winner Is: Democracy

  • David says:

    Welp, I got 1500 bucks given to me on the last day of working at my old job so now I know where that is going. HOORAY!

    Also, double hooray for a book! Buy me Dresden files number 5, because I’m almost done 3 if you haven’t decided yet. Otherwise I’m going to come visit you at work again soon to get the rest. I don’t remember if you’ve actually done a dresden review on your site yet, or whether you just talk about it a lot IRL?

    • David says:

      Viking Beard Beanie, and maybe a couple USB drives, Shot Glass Roulette, hat Bamboo keyboard, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE

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