Let’s Establish A Little Common Ground (And Another Contest)

May 2, 2012 § 5 Comments

So, here’s the deal. I like you. Like, I really like you. You people read my stuff (occasionally), comment (rarely), and make writing this thing worthwhile (all the time).

Now, I want to do right by you, my darlings. I want to do something for you. And sometimes I feel that I…I’m inadequate. That I’m not up to snuff. And that, that hurts me. It hurts you, and it ain’t healthy for our relationship.

What am I talking about? Why, Lovers, of course. I love writing it. It’s a cool story that I’ve invested lots of time into, and that I feel is going somewhere (and soon!). The problem, however, is that I’m writing a full novel. At the last time of checking, this clocks in at 62k words. Considering I think that Stardust was about 80,000, this ain’t insignificant. It makes me feel good to have created something like this so quickly. It does, however, also make following it somewhat, er, difficult. I’ve updated the pdf which you can find on the “On-Going Stories” page, but I feel that’s not quite enough. It’s still a gigantic pdf that some people have said they don’t always have time to read.

That’s not good for me, that’s not good for you, and that’s not good for this kitten.

So here’s what I propose.

You come here, you take a look, and you make a pick on this poll I’m going to put up. It’s not a difficult thing to do. All I’m asking is what you want to see. More of the same is good. Different things are also good (rest assured, I’m not stopping Lovers, but maybe it won’t be the only thing I publish here).

But wait, there’s more!

If you post a comment explaining the choice you made, why you made it, and tell me something else you want to see in the site (anything from a technical choice like a different layout or something, to more stories, essays, or whatever), then you will be entered into a contest. A fabulous contest.

What will you win? Something cool. Do you want a hint?

It will be something.

I’m excited. You should be too. But it will only happen if you comment! I’ll announce the winner on Saturday morning, so you’ve got some time, but not much!



§ 5 Responses to Let’s Establish A Little Common Ground (And Another Contest)

  • Tanis says:

    Ok to be honest there is no such thing as too long to be blogging. When it is a good story, short pieces being shared over a long time allows both the writer, and the reader to feel more connected and become more invested with the story because they are around it much more.

    That being said if you feel that there is a chance that others or yourself are too invested in one thing; that things may becoming stagnant OR you are alienating people who prefer a different variety have a rotation.

    Set up a rotation that you cycle through; say like “Lovers, next week essay, next week short story, next week random blog.” then rinse and repeat that cycle.
    It will allow for consistency on your part and allow for scheduling; it will be varied enough to give people an ever changing flavour. If you have people who only like one type of output from you they will know they are not being ignored but also, that they don’t have to be checking constantly and leaving feeling frustrated or disappointed.

  • Colin says:

    I think you should do more reviews/essays/cool stuff, not because I hate your writing or anything, but because you tend to write about or look at interesting stuff. Plus, I enjoy whenever you write about things that bring you rage or tears. Yeah, I’m a jerk.

  • […] If you want to be entered into the contest, which has an actual prize, then drop a comment in this post. […]

  • I voted for the essays, because your technical writing is still superior to your fiction. I also want to see you write more first person, as you are rather better at that than omniscient 3rd.

    I want to see more javascript at work! If you’re not going to use wordpress’ advertisements down the sides, do something to fill the whitespace. Or get buckley to lazily make you a website layout. It’ll be way better than any of this premade stuff.

    Also, rage and tears.

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