This Is The Last One, I Swear

April 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

One of the fun things I got to play with this was letting characters talk over each other without using dialogue tags (things like “He said” or “Bill said”). It makes things confusing, but if I did it right, then you should know exactly who’s talking without needing the tags.


“You come out of there, Isaac Washburn! You’re through, you hear?”

“Ain’t nothing but an act of God Himself would make me come out of this engine room, Marshal. You’re a mudsill, you are, and you best skedaddle less’n you want me to put a hole bet’wixt yer eyes!”

“Isaac, if you think you’re in any position to do that, then I invite you to step outside like a gentleman and see this through!”

“Marshal, do you think it’s wise to goad him like this?”

“Ms. Randolph, I assure you that I know what I’m doing. He’s full of soft solder, and I bet you he’s a moment away from throwing up the sponge. “

“Get down, Marshal!”

“Yee-haw! Close one, weren’t it, Jebediah!”

“Carter! Did he hit you?”

“No, I’m fine! See, Ms. Randolph? What did I tell you? He’s full of hot air, and couldn’t even hold a candle to a U.S. Marshal!”

“That’s well and good, Marshal, but there is a hole in your hat a bare inch above your head.”

“Ah, yes. Well, the Springfield Carbine is notoriously accurate. Luck, is all!”

“Marshal, I must protest. We’re stuck on the far side of an iron door while four armed bandits are holding the engineer under arms with the postage vault! Your talk is getting us no-where!”

“My talk, ma’am, is keeping them precisely where I want them.”

“In control of the direction and speed of the train?”

“Well, when you put it like that, it certainly sounds inauspicious.”

“Are you two ladies done flapping your flannel mouths, or are we gonna have to go out there directly and get this done? We got the bulge on this one!”

“Marshal, I think that if one of us were to go outside and climb the side of the engine, we might be able to catch them by surprise.”

“That’s a grand idea, Ms., but you won’t be able to hold a hall-way against four men with a rifle like that. It might be a good gun for shooting coyotes back on the ranch, but it’s not much for men who want to put you down. I’ll have to give you my repeater.”

“I was thinking, Marshal, that I could go outside.”

“Is that a bluff, ma’am, or do you mean it for real play? Because there is no way under God’s blue heaven that I am letting a lady risk her life like that.”

“Then it’s a good thing that you have no jurisdiction over me, Carter. Good luck out here!”

“Damn it! You come back here this instant! Don’t play to the gallery on this one!”

“What’s that, Marshal? Did your fighting witch run out on you? Hear that boys? Get those guns out! It’s about to get as hot as a whorehouse on nickel night!”

“Well shoot. You best pony up, Ms. Randolph, or I’m going to have to copper my bets.”

“Get that Union ponce boys! Yee-haw!”


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