This Will Be Quick And Dirty

April 7, 2012 § 1 Comment

We’ve started selling this book at work this week:

Would you like to know the punchline? This is an erotic romance that contains hard-core BDSM, and the main characters are a never-been-kissed 21 year-old college girl and a stunningly handsome altruistic billionaire with a dark past. Oh, and the author got her start writing erotic Twilight fanfiction. Let me tell you, that it is a tonne of fun to sell to women when the husband is right there and pays zero attention to what’s going on. I almost want to take him aside and say “Perhaps you should pay more attention to these sorts of things, eh? Bedroomthings.”

But I don’t, because most men don’t want the people who sell them books to give them advice about their sex lives. Also, I like having a job.

And speaking of job, see the New York Times bestseller tag on it? Apparently, writing crappy fanfiction on is the place to start! Who knew?

In other news, the book really is chock full of dirty, dirty sex. Like, full of it.



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