Coffee Shop Internet Is Best Internet

March 22, 2012 § 2 Comments

In this case, Timothy’s. This is not just an excuse for me to drink far more hot chocolate and coffee-like substances than normal, but it’s not helping. For the record, coffee is vile, vile stuff and should never have been inflicted upon the human race. That said, I’ve not yet progenerated offspring or had to rely on it’s sweet, sweet caffeine, so there’s that.

In other news…there isn’t much news! The move is going and going and going, but tonight I’ll be taking a break to watch the Hunger Games movie and I’m hoping for the best.

In fairness, I think she looks pretty much like I imagined Katniss

I’m not a person to get very excited about things (with notable exceptions because ohmygodohmygod), but I will say I’m looking forward to this. Not least because I’m going with some people who are very excited about it and it’s definitely rubbing off on me, but also because the visual fidelity of this movie looks very good. My store got the guide to the movie, which one and all are crappy hype-generators, but I was impressed by the pictures of the sets, costumes, and actors.

There’s one haunting picture where they show all the Tributes lined up and you see what a 12 year-old looks like standing next to a bulky 18 year-old. It’s chilling because when I read the book the ages kind of mushed together in my head, making anyone younger than 17 or so one indeterminate age. That’s not true in the real world, and someone who’s 12 is very, very much so a child. It was unsettling, but that’s good because I’d rather be unsettled at the idea of children fighting to the death than not.

But speaking of fighting to the death, I admit to some worry about the movie. It’s rated PG (in Canada), which means only a minimum of blood or visual violence. Not that I want to revel in it, but it has to do the source material justice, and they don’t skimp. I will keep my eyes peeled tonight, and I’ll let you folks know what I think.

-Time for me to walk the plank



§ 2 Responses to Coffee Shop Internet Is Best Internet

  • Nova says:

    I don’t get the whole Prometheus thing. It looks like an Alien rip off. And I don’t get the Hunger Games because I found the book to be boring and a rehash of the Battle Royale manga I’d read years before. And when I heard they’d brought the rating down I thought it had been misreported.

  • Anonymous says:

    Katniss not “Catniss” lol WOW

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