Mass Effect? More Like, Last Effect

March 9, 2012 § 2 Comments

What’s wrong with me? I’m a dedicated, dedicated gamer, or at least I like to think so. I mean, I still play PC games. PC! Surely that makes me either a dinosaur or a sommelierwhen it comes to video games, right?

Or possibly that guy

In any case, I still haven’t picked up Mass Effect 3, which is apparently the Second (Third?) Coming of Christ in video game form. I’d chalk it up to the fact that, as I’m moving soon, I need to conserve my money, but as someone who just spent $40 on books I’m not currently reading…we know that to be a lie.

I take that back. One of the books I bought was Bone 1:Out from Boneville, so I’ve already read it. Not the money thing, though. I’m terrible with the stuff.

I am the hero Hyrule deserves

I’ll get to it, the delicious spoilers, and the wonderful retconning they will do in order to make sense of this hunk of…I mean, wonderfully thought-out universe.

I kid, I love the universe. It has so much character.

In other news, I finally got Deathstalker.Here’s what happened:

  1. I had to order it from a bookstore downtown because that was the only place in Toronto that had a copy (or at least a new copy, and I don’t do used. Poor people might have touched a used copy ((again I kid. But not about the poor people)).
  2. I wanted it ordered to my store because it would be a sale for my store. More sales for my store mean not only that the free world stay free and bald eagles will softly sing the praises of free-market capitalism in my ear as I sleep, it also makes my store, and thereby me, more money.
  3. We arranged it to be shipped via UPS on Monday. Monday. Remember this. It is important.
  4. It arrived today at about 1 pm. Today. Today is not Tuesday. I’d say remember this, but you should bloody well know that.
  5. Clearly, someone sat on it downtown for three days because they knew it was a staff sale. In that case: up yours, downtown store. Up yours as far as it will go.

There’s no way I’ll be able to finish it before Sunday (hell, I’m not sure I’ll be done Metro 2033), but next week! Next week!

Oh, and tomorrow I’m going to have a thousand screaming kids playing in my store because a) we have an event and b) it’s March Break in Toronto. I might need to get drunk tomorrow, preferably at work. I’m flexible, so we’ll see. Perhaps the dumpsters behind the store might also be an acceptable place.



§ 2 Responses to Mass Effect? More Like, Last Effect

  • Nova says:

    I’m really disappointed with the number of otherwise intelligent PC gamers who are buying Mass Effect 3 despite Origins. I never thought I’d see so many people band together to tell EA that they can do absolutely whatever they want and they’ll support it like a bunch of sheep. I knew it would happen but I thought at least the people I know are smarter than that. Turns out, not so much.

    The worst part is it’s eroding my own principles because I really want to play it despite my feelings on the game, which several people know but I won’t go into here otherwise my post will be longer than yours. Suffice to say I’m kind of sad that I’m alone in boycotting this and doubly so because I’m tempted to break it and that makes me even more adamant that I won’t.

  • Tanis says:

    Well I hope the store is better no the PC version cause I should be expecting like 4 copies tomorrow traded in due to fan rage. The last time a new release turned over this quickly was Dead Island…

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