Fie Upon Thee, TekSavvy! Fie Upon Thee!

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The scene is Tuesday, after a long day of work and waiting for the technician to show up. The time is…irrelevant. It is late.

There is a knock upon the door.

Us: Thank God you’re here, technician! Please, render to us the sweet, sweet bounty of the internet! Save us from ourselves!

Him: You don’t have outside wiring installed. We’ll have to install it.

Us: How unfortunate! Shall you install it now? How long until the precious bytes are ours again?

Him: Nah, I don’t have authorization.

Us: …then get it.

Him: That takes at least 24 hours. You available any other time this week? Next week?

Us:This is most unfortunate. FOR YOU.

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Cowboys And Killing And Katniss Oh My

March 25, 2012 § 3 Comments

Internet is coming next week, so very soon I’ll be back to normal check-ins and more regular posting. Speaking of regular…

Week 12: The Regulators, Stephen King

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Coffee Shop Internet Is Best Internet

March 22, 2012 § 2 Comments

In this case, Timothy’s. This is not just an excuse for me to drink far more hot chocolate and coffee-like substances than normal, but it’s not helping. For the record, coffee is vile, vile stuff and should never have been inflicted upon the human race. That said, I’ve not yet progenerated offspring or had to rely on it’s sweet, sweet caffeine, so there’s that.

In other news…there isn’t much news! The move is going and going and going, but tonight I’ll be taking a break to watch the Hunger Games movie and I’m hoping for the best.

In fairness, I think she looks pretty much like I imagined Katniss

I’m not a person to get very excited about things (with notable exceptions because ohmygodohmygod), but I will say I’m looking forward to this. Not least because I’m going with some people who are very excited about it and it’s definitely rubbing off on me, but also because the visual fidelity of this movie looks very good. My store got the guide to the movie, which one and all are crappy hype-generators, but I was impressed by the pictures of the sets, costumes, and actors.

There’s one haunting picture where they show all the Tributes lined up and you see what a 12 year-old looks like standing next to a bulky 18 year-old. It’s chilling because when I read the book the ages kind of mushed together in my head, making anyone younger than 17 or so one indeterminate age. That’s not true in the real world, and someone who’s 12 is very, very much so a child. It was unsettling, but that’s good because I’d rather be unsettled at the idea of children fighting to the death than not.

But speaking of fighting to the death, I admit to some worry about the movie. It’s rated PG (in Canada), which means only a minimum of blood or visual violence. Not that I want to revel in it, but it has to do the source material justice, and they don’t skimp. I will keep my eyes peeled tonight, and I’ll let you folks know what I think.

-Time for me to walk the plank

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Week

March 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

For those who don’t know, I moved today and things have been exceptionally busy, not only today, but for a few days before as well. So, I have something for you, but it’s short and yes, a little rushed.

But it’s here, so pbbthbt. Enjoy while I return to packing boxes and stealing furniture from the garbage!

The Fourth Interlude

“Get up.”

It was barely a whisper. The voice came to him across the line between life and death and was diminished as it made the journey into something barely louder than the wind in his ear. He recognized it, wanted to groan at the memories it brought back. Some good; most bad.

“Get up.”

It was firmer now, energized by the contact it made with him. He tried to move, impelled to action by memories he wanted no part of. Memories of shining boots until his hands were black and shaking. Memories of running until he vomited and then running more. Memories of the horrible things they did to cadets who couldn’t keep up and how they laughed at them when they broke.

It’s in the past. He’s dead and gone and can’t touch you anymore. Don’t listen. You don’t have to anymore.

“Get up. Please.”

Now a voice he did not recognize. Despite that, it was familiar, and the memories, though more distant, were pleasant. A woman’s voice. It brought to mind sunshine, or at least the memory of being held. He felt strength begin to flow into fingers nearly frozen solid.

“You have to get up, Vasily. You can’t die here. I won’t allow it.”

The first voice. It tore into him again, pushing back at the will that he had been summoning. It was so cold now. There was so much pain. It would be easier not to listen. He didn’t want to.

“Look up, Vasily. Look at us.”

He could not raise his head. It hurt too much, thudding through his body like his blood had been replaced by liquid hurt. His eyelids fluttered and what little light came through sent electric shocks through his head. He did manage to moan this time. Why were they calling him Vasily? That was not his name. He had no name. Pain did not have a name, it only had a scream.

“Look up, Vasily. We are all here. All of us.”

It was her voice again. Pain subsided and an eye opened. He wanted to cry out but breathing constricted his damaged ribs and sent new shocks through his brain. What little light there was was hidden in a grey fog. He could not see anything, only fog. He thought that this must be what dying looked like, as all that was good and coloured drained away. Only fog and pain at the end, after a life of fog and pain. It seemed like the Russian way.

“Please, look. Look at us.”

Another voice, unfamiliar. Male, like the first, but softer. It brought back better memories, ones that didn’t add to Pain. They were soft. A song, one that he had almost forgotten.


The song warmed him, and the woman spoke again.

“kupim synu valenki,”

“Please, son. Please look at us.”

“nadenem na nozhenki”

His eyes were already open but now he saw.

“pustim po dorozhenke”

He was still in a forest but he was no longer alone. A vast group of people, thousands upon millions, stood in the dim light and looked to him.

“budet nash synok khodit,”

Three stood before him, and a two-headed eagle perched in a branch above them. His lips, destroyed by the cold and the rain (what rain? The forest was dry as bone), cracked open in a smile.

“novy valenki nosit!”

My Thoughts On The Ending(s) To Mass Effect 3

March 20, 2012 § 9 Comments

No, this is not a rant. There will be rant-ing, but it is not a rant per se. I will try to avoid spoilers, but if you don’t want to hear anything about it, you’d best take a walk on and come back tomorrow. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Slight edit: in one of the possible endings, Shepherd can be presumed to have survived.

For those of you not familiar with what I’m talking about, there is quite the internet controversy regarding the endings to the Mass Effect franchise, the third of which was recently released. It sold rather well, with estimates (as sales figures this early are often based on units shipped as opposed to units sold, which will take a little time to figure out) of around 2 million. That’s a pretty penny and a pretty good number for what Bioware, the company involved, wanted to be a knock-out. It also garnered pretty good critical reception, with the Metacritic score (for the Xbox, the platform with by far the most sales) being a solid 94.

I'm rich! Rich and critically-acclaimed! Take that Brad Pitt!

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Space Opera II: The Libretto Strikes Back

March 18, 2012 § 3 Comments

Edit: WordPress has been wonky for me lately. Some things get italicized and some aren’t, and some things are properly spaced while others are just out to lunch. I’m trying to keep on it, but sometimes changing things…doesn’t actually change them.

Oh goodness I have so much to say, but first things must come first.

Week 11: Deathstalker, Simon R. Green

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Two In One Day? It’s Like Christmas, But With Casinos

March 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

I bought insurance today. I really feel like an old man all of a sudden.

Days off are great when they are used appropriately, and I have to say that so far, this one has. I’ve got a bunch of reading for you, I got that insurance (shudder), and I am going out in a bit. I know you’re all jealous, but I haven’t stuck my nose outside yet. It’s a beautiful day outside, and I’ve been working in the basement so far. I can’t wait until the summer and I can write outside.

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