Thrice, Thrice! Does The Bell Toll!

February 11, 2012 § 2 Comments

Three bits of news today:

First, I’ve finally been given a topic for the next post:

urban fantasy set in Toronto

Yes, this does prove problematic for my regular Sunday posts about the books I read, and not to mention makes this post somewhat…existentially uncertain, but he was late so I’m going to use my authorial privilege to say “pbbbbtht”. It’ll probably be up tomorrow, perhaps I’ll put it off until Monday, but it will go up.

Second, Harper Collins is now following me on Twitter. Does it mean anything? No, not really, as they follow thousands of people. But this does mean that somewhere, some intern noticed that my measly tweeting was actually related to writing and decided that I might, one day, be worth following.

That. That, is weird.

Third, because you love them,

“Ma’am, can I help you?”

“No. I’m just looking for a birthday present.”

“Would you like me to help you find one? I won’t bite and it will make your life easier. I can show you things I think you might like, you can say “no” to my face and I’m not allowed to get offended. I’m pretty sure you could whip me and no-one would complain if you spent more than our average transaction amount.”


“In that case, would you like this coupon I can offer you? One that can save you money? One that requires you to only buy a birthday card. To go with that birthday present you’re already buying. I don’t consider myself an astrologer, but I guess this would be the definition of “your lucky day“.


“I guess you didn’t hear me. That makes sense, considering you still haven’t looked at me yet. I’ll repeat myself: all you have to do is-”

“I’m not taking it. I won’t use it.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what retail is like.



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