I Am Glee-filled; That Is, I Am Filled With Glee

January 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

History-squee time!

THERE IS A NEW MODRIS ECKSTEINS BOOK. It’s called Solar Dance, and it’s about art and truth and Germany, and I love him so much I want to marry him and have his history babies.


In other news, I’m playing Skyward Sword, which is excellent. More than excellent. The Zelda series is probably my second-favourite franchise out there, just behind the Ogre Battle series. Yes Mario, take a seat, just there behind Samus, Final Fantasy, and Chrono Trigger. Actually…we’re kind of full, so why don’t you come back later?

I received this comment on my site, which happens to be the 200th, and from one “kneeainc”. It reads as follows:

That allure beans are often magical as well as rhodium or maybe platinum plated along with http://www.pandorabeadssell.co.uk/ as well as tumbler along with include no less than eight hundred design [url=http://www.pandorabeadssell.co.uk/]Pandora Beads[/url] These types of beans signify the particular birthstones, horoscope signs, family pets, alphabets, albhabets, and each kind have Pandora Jewelryusing special in addition to interesting layouts. Most of these vast alternative ensure that there is absolutely no repeating connected with style. This drops are fashioned in such a way it fits current bracelet and also necklace around your neck. Should you elect to obtain necklace around your neck rather than drops by yourself, the collection could be much more unique for you to elegance an individual coronary heart. That necklace trust is supplied in inches wide as well as the necklace around your neck duration is frequently in .. This dimensions plus angles may be interchanged in order that the selection with toggle bracelet as well as a new necklace around your neck or any keychain is distinctive to your account but it could takes a long time to get it has the duplicate in this world.

Do you like that ethereal ending? It suggests that no-where in this world are there duplicate beans.

It could be there in other worlds, but by no means this one. These beans transcend space and time, and by suggesting it will “elegance an individual coronary heart”, we know the penalties for not purchasing these beans.

They are dire.


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