More Stories? Why not!

January 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

A heads-up to any aspiring writers out there who feel the need to be horribly judged: the Toronto Star’s annual short story contest has started again. Check it out here.

Of course I’ll be entering. I need to, as always, write more. Being a writer is kind of like having a personal Daemon that sits on your shoulder and pokes you when you haven’t fed him in awhile. He doesn’t care if it’s good or bad, he just wants more, so you shovel more and more coal into the fire and hope that at some point he’s had enough. Or, you just get addicted right along with him and the pair of you have a grand old time.

Did I mention that the first prize is $5,000 dollars and tuition to the Humber College Writing Program? I didn’t? Oh.

Now, the only snag is that I, uh, have no idea what to write. None at all. Kein. See, for my MOD entry, it was obvious. Machine that predicts cause of death = detectives who use it to anticipate crime. It just came to me, but now that I have a short story



Yes, sometimes it happens that way.




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