Those Days You Hate Days

January 3, 2012 § 2 Comments

Damn you, Tuesday.

I had to work during your brother Monday’s tenure, but it was good. It felt short, and I got to go to play in my Game of Thrones session after. That was great! I didn’t get my writing done, but I’m already ahead for the week and can make up the difference tonight. Right now, Monday and I are the best of friends.

But you, Tuesday. You and I are through.

You decided that for an easy Monday, I would pay with a Tuesday that had two bad days rolled into one! Why! Why would you do that? Did I offend you? Did I make a pass at your wife (Hey Thursday, you looking fine) and/or daughter?

For whatever reason, Tuesday decided to rub it in my face today. Ah well, Skyrim solves most everything. If only I could fus ro dah my problems away in real life…


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