Attention: Parents of the World

November 28, 2011 § 2 Comments


Parents, I know life is hard for you. Mothers, I particularly feel your pain. I understand the difficulties that being a parent entails. Someone once described the first two years of an infant’s life as “two years of shit and barf”.

It understand your pain. I do, I really do.

What I do not understand is how you will fight and scream and argue with your children so that they learn to share, to play nice, that hands are not for hitting and that bullies are not for being. Not that I do not understand why you do these things. Perhaps if someone had told Hitler or Stalin or Doctor Claw how to learn or share or not hit, so much pain could have been avoided.

No, what I do not understand is how you will do all these things,

and then leave my workplace a goddamned mess for me to clean up after your lazy asses. 

Did I miss something? Because I was fairly certain that the old rule still applied, wherein the one who messed up said location, cleans up said location.

Or else you just want to teach your kids that hands are not for hitting, bullies are not for being, but cleaning up after yourself is for other people to do for you.

Das ist alle. 


§ 2 Responses to Attention: Parents of the World

  • duxcorvus says:

    Yeah parents are rude, ignorant and selfish.

    I am training the parents in my area because I tell them the sections are in order and to ensure they stay that way. If they don’t I make them wait at the cash while I resort the section while making comments like; “Huh, what grade do they teach people that l comes before m in this modern age.”

    Now mind you, you are a big corporate chain and we have been teaching people for about 20 years that the chains and the poor bastards that work for them are beneath anything but the greatest levels of contempt. So there is nothing you can do but accept it.

  • Colin says:

    John, Doctor Claw would have never changed no matter how he was raised. And he’ll get you next time Moyer. Next time.

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