October 30, 2011 § 6 Comments

Goodness Halloween wasn’t that bad. My original costume idea failed, but thanks to some quick-thinking and lucky placement of modern art, it wasn’t a complete bust! I’ll let you know more in a bit. I have something I want to work on for today before I come back.

I’m splitting my posts because I’m super-excited and can’t wait the several hours to finish what I want to work on before I say it. Ages ago I submitted a story to Machine of Death 2, and no, I haven’t heard back from it yet, but it should be tomorrow or next week. I may or may not be checking my email several times each day. I feel that my email program is acquiring sentience, and every time it reports “no emails for this address”, it shakes it’s head at me.

In any case, I’m excited because I just found this pdf, which is a giant cloud of the titles for the submitted stories. I found mine in there, and I wonder if you can’t guess which mine is? It’s fun! It’s exciting! Here’s a hint: it’s not old age. Here’s an actual hint: it’s in black and you can almost make it out without zooming in. Almost.

See you in a bit!


§ 6 Responses to Up-a-ma-date

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