Halloween is Coming

October 18, 2011 § 5 Comments

Do you know who you want to be?

That’s the wonderful thing about Halloween for people: it’s a chance to be something you’re not. For a while, it’s role playing. You can be a monster, or be a princess, or be a dead person.

Or you can be a slut. Of course, you can be that any day of the year.

But for me? I am torn on all sides by pressure. So many forces seek to decide who and what I shall be for Halloween. They circle like sharks, fighting amongst themselves for single bloody piece of men. What of the freedom of this season? I ask is a man not entitled to choose his own costume?

“No,” says the Zombie, “you belong to the season of horror.”

“No,” says the girl wearing a three-inch skirt and nurse’s outfit, “you belong to the season of sluttyness.”

“No,” says the man who didn’t try, “you belong in your basement.”

I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something different. I chose to be kind of a big deal. I chose to be a force of nature. I chose…





Updates shall come as I actually get moving on this.




§ 5 Responses to Halloween is Coming

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