Mondays Do Rock, Sometimes

October 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

And it helps if you don’t work again until Tuesday.

One of the reasons why, of all things, I actually like Mondays is that most of the internet content I like is released on Monday. What do I like? Well, I’m not going to list everything, but I’m going to tell you some of the things I like that happen on this great thing called the Internet.

So here’s a sampling of the things that I live for on Mondays:

Penny Arcade: If you like comics, and if you like video games, then read this comic. If you don’t like either, then still read this comic. The most common complaint I’ve heard with reference to PA is that the significant (5+ years) back catalogue prevents people from understanding the comic now. If you’re not that into video games and miss contemporary game references, you are certainly not going to get all the five-year old ones. I’d would ask you, though, to give it one week of reading and read the front page. Tycho is one of the best humour writers I’ve read and he’s mastered the art of short, punchy, literate humour. If you don’t give two bits about the comic, at least read the front page.

Dinosaur Comics: Ryan North, lo, Lord of the Heavens and Thane of the Shy-King, one day looked down at the world of Midgard far below. His mighty wrath, fierce as the fires of Ioktun, was kindled when he saw that of all the works of Mortal Man, a comic that featured the adventures of Dinosaurs was not among them. The pitiful works of Mortal Men were only saved when the Muse of Art, Kateus Beatonus, fled from him and his fury. And lo, Mighty Lord of Heavens and Thane of the Sky-Kin that he was, was unable to both destroy Midgard and also draw such a comic as he envisioned. Therefore, to achieve both, Lord North made a sprite comic of dinosaurs and initiated the heat death of the universe. Until the mighty Stars burn out and eternal darkness envelops Midgard, T-Rex and his friends will be. North is pleased.

I can’t explain it any other way. Read this issue if you need convincing. I would hope, for your sake, that you do not.

Loading Ready Run: I never really got into the internet tv phenomenon. Not tv on the internet, because that I can appreciate, but rather the idea of original shows that appeared only on the internet. At times, it seemed like a good idea (ahem), but for me, I couldn’t be bothered. Couldn’t be bothered, that is, until I found the Escapist and the shows that they put out. Yes, it’s only a few minutes long, and yes, it only comes out once a week, but Graham Stark and his cronies put out some of the best stuff on the internet. Da best. Coincidentally, he and his crew are also featured on Penny Arcade tv, which is also worth checking out.

This American Life Podcast: Public radio at its finest. It releases an episode a week on Monday mornings, and this is some of the best journalism, writing, humour, and lived experience you can get. Topics go from frakking and environmental consequences thereof to copyright law in Silicon valley, stories about breakups, prisoners putting on Hamlet, and country fairs of our youth. Quite simply, shows like this are why the radio was invented, and why (free) podcasts are worth far, far more than that. The only, only argument I’ve heard against it is that people have no time to sit and just listen to something. I beg you then, should that be you, to try. This week’s episode is called Cat and Mouse, and it’s about great chase stories. Go forth. I command thee. 

There you go! And if you’re bummed because I don’t have to work today and you do, be consoled in this: I have to wake up at five (5) AM tomorrow. Until yesterday, I was not aware there was a 5 AM, and that people actually woke up then. If Sanford Fleming was still alive, I would so burn him in my facebook status.

Take your Time and stuff it, Sanford.


Housekeeping edit: Forgot to put this in the original post. My current header comes from a bigger picture by someone named Orioto at deviantart. The man/woman is good, and you should totally check him/her out.


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