The Names, they Are a Changing

September 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

As you can see, this blog is no longer titled “Unintentional Genius”. I have had one too many people say that it’s not the most, um, subtle of names. I didn’t intend that to be as hilariously self-aggrandizing as it is (remember: it’s the name of my first band and it refers to my brother!), but I also don’t want to be another pretentious twit writer.

Well, I don’t want to be a very pretentious twit writer.

To that end, therefore, this blog is now titled “Published Just In Time”, to reflect the fact that I may or may not have written most of yesterday’s piece while on the GO train. Nothing else has changed; I CAN change the url but only in future. I don’t want to lose someone just because they didn’t realize the address has changed.

And now, how I imagine most of you read the old title:

If you don’t know that picture, it’s from Wayne’s World. Which you, of course, must now go watch. NOW.




§ 2 Responses to The Names, they Are a Changing

  • Nova says:

    I don’t think its terribly self-aggrandizing since you are essentially calling yourself an idiot when you say unintentional genius.

    • Calamanas says:

      It’s aggrandizing to some because it makes it look like I don’t even have to try to be this good.

      Because, folks, I just am this good. And I just thought that “stumbling stupidly ahead” would better capture the feeling of this blog. Hmm, there might be another name change in future.

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