I’ll Blast Your Past

September 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Im sitting around watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, not yet dressed and with half a bowl of Kraft dinner beside me. Did I mention unemployment can rock? Oh yes, there are some things about it that just work, namely the bad food, reprehensible personal hygiene, having worse grooming that my cat, and watching movies at noon.

The only thing that’s better (I accidentally typed “batter” on the first run. Yes, batter is damn good too) than that (and really ladies, who wouldn’t want gross, unemployed KD-eating me?) is being that gross because it’s your last day of unemployment and you need to be respectable tomorrow. Yes friends, enemies, and honoured representatives from the Galactic Senate, my first day of work starts tomorrow. Thus (hopefully) ends the sorry saga of John’s search for a job.

Total time unemployed: 26 days. Not that bad, I suppose, but it was a long 26 days, let me tell you that. My mind drifts to those who have been unemployed and underemployed for months or years at a stretch. Solidarność, brothers and sisters.

In other news, I approve of the current trend in history and pop culture, where history is often being dolled up, shaken down, and made approachable. The vanguard of this movement, obviously, is our very own Kate Beaton. If you haven’t read her, I sincerely suggest that you do so.


Oh Kate Beaton, you bring pillaging to the 21st century!


You also have amazing things like this little gem. I don’t know where it was first posted, so random google search link number 4 gets credit. Full marks, Random Google Search Link Number 4. RGSN3, you really need to step up your effort in class. Five points from Hufflepuff. Oh yes, the link.

"General! When will Napoleon cross the Volga?" "Schoon."


This updating of history doesn’t actually do anything for the discipline of history, nor does it actually get people involved in things like urban heritage or local history (ahem), but if it gets one person to look up “Lindisfarne monastery” on wikipedia (ahem ahem) then I think that’s worth it.

But the best way to get people interested in history is to show them how lived experience changes over that time. As funny as General Seanimir Connerosvky is, it’s not exactly illuminating.

So I was watching Scott Pilgrim and noticed that when he beats Matthew Patel, the first of the evil ex-boyfriends, he gets some coins:

S: Oh man, $2.40? That’s not even enough for the bus home.

Ramona: I’ll lend you the 35 cents.

I spat out my KD in fury. $2.75 for bus fare? What decadent imagination is this? Ancient history? Scottius Pilgrimmus against the Barbarian Hordes? Bus fare in Toronto, where the movie is set, is $3 and has been for some time. The movie itself came out in 2010, barely a year ago, and I’ve already forgotten what it’s like to pay a quarter less for the bus.

We must have lived like kings. Those…were the…days! 


Have some quick fiction so this post still has something to recommend it:

“Fine, I raise you 3 souls and the last remaining copy of the original De Liber Pontificalis.” I pushed the chips across the table. The Angel frowned and said, “I hate texas hold ’em.”


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