Further Reasons Why The Communist Uprising Is Inevitable

September 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I phoned one of the places that had interviewed me, twice, today. That was back in August and I had heard nothing from them, positive or negative, and had spent about the last two weeks trying to get in touch with a certain person. I finally did, and got to talk with her. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: So I was just wondering if a decision had been made.

Her: Yes, I was talking to the person in the toy section (you know I love my toys) and she liked you, but had some concerns about your availability.

M: Oh, well I can shift those around. Start 7am instead of 5am? I can do that, and yeah, I suppose I can close Saturdays if I have to.

H: Great! I’ll run this by her and see if that will work. We’ll call you…Sunday!

M: Great! Talk to you then!

Hang up. Think for a second.

M: So wait a god-damned second. You were willing to let me twist in the wind for weeks, when you liked me and a five-minute phone call would have settled everything? 


I suppose this is better than school, though, where you pay for the privilege to be ignored. Also, when I am General-Secretary of the World, I pledge to call people back. I’d say vote for me, but the inevitable Revolution means I just need to sit back and wait. Unless, of course, the revolution is organized by phone.


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