Some Sunday Quick Fiction

September 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

Quick fiction is a difficult thing to do, despite how seemingly easy it looks. The goal is to tell a story in a line or two (this is different from the Quick Fiction magazine, which does it in 500 words or less), much like a twitter tale. However, the point is not to tell a complete story but rather to start a story that isn’t complete but finished.

It’s like telling a joke, but leaving the punchline hanging. There’s an excellent (well, like all anthologies, the quality can vary) anthology out there of fiction in 25 words or less that basically runs with this concept. Because I’ve got to do some running around today, but have an essay germinating in my head, I’ll vent some of my creativity through this strangely difficult exercise. You should try it too! Use the 25 word limit if you want to keep yourself focused.

Me? I’m (sort of) professional, so I don’t need to. Nener, nener, nener. Have a good Sunday.


1. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. 14, in fact, if you count the microwave.

2. He bumped into Louis yesterday for the first time in seven years. He looked really good for a zombie.

3. She was fairly certain that the man in the bed was his evil clone, but surely he wasn’t that evil if he remembered to kiss her goodnight.

4. “Take the shot. It’s what you’ve always wanted.” “No, him dead is what I’ve always wanted. Me doing is just icing on the“, blam, “…cake.”

5. “Dammit, I told you to stop calling me!” Slam. “Your ex again, eh?” “Urgh! The guy can get hung on a cross and come back to life like it’s nothing, but he can’t take being dumped without turning into a bitch. Seriously!”

6. She smiled her slow smile, the one she always did before taking off my skin. I shivered, partly from fear, and partly to make it easier for her.

7. “Kid, let me tell you something I wish someone had told me when I was your age. Crocodiles instinctively bite things that are dangling over their heads, and once they’ve got something, those bastards hold on tight.”

8. She knew pain was temporary, but so was life. She pulled the nail from her thigh and bit back her scream. Neither appealed much to her right now, but the roar of the Sasquatch still motivated her to get up.

9. I drew my sword and tossed it on the ground before the Ard Rí. The man in the iron shirt nodded. “God loves the peacemakers.” I sniffed my derision. “Your god, maybe. Mine would sooner die before giving up his sword.” The Ard Rí smiled. “Then why didn’t you?”

10. I could take the haunting, the moaning, and the midnight apparitions. I could not take it coming on to me.



§ One Response to Some Sunday Quick Fiction

  • Ghadzilla says:

    Lol, nice! Were you inspired from our Best Buy adventure? Or was this something in the works for a while? 2 & 3 are my favourites!

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