(Sunday) Music for Fighting

July 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Not much to tell you folks today. I’ve just received my big Masters paper back with my supervisor’s comments and I tremble at the thought of opening the email. I know it won’t be that bad (if it’s at all bad), but still there is this unknown hesitation. Well, I suppose I’ll have to open it eventually, if only to know I need to redo it before the end of August.

I also have a wedding to go to, and speaking of which, congratulations Rano and Stephanie! That’s going to eat up my time today and leave me with no juicy writing time but that’s okay. It’s not like I’m writing anyways. Seriously. I need to get on that.

Finally, have some music from an amazing band called Fight Like Apes. They’re from Ireland, the best country in the world (after Canada, of course), and will fight you if you don’t listen to their music. I’d give in if I were you. You’ve seen the trailers for the new Planet of the Apes movie (incidentally, “movie” is not in the dictionary according to either Chrome or WordPress), those apes fight nasty. 

Oh, and also because it’s fun, we can have Adventures in Job-Hunting with John. I need to find a job for September and like the good writer I am, I’ve put it off until now. In honour of my self-destructive procrastination, I clearly need to publicize and novelize my attempts to find a museum, historical, or writing-based job in Toronto post-2008 and Rob Ford.

Hooray. Fightin’ time.



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