Some Pictures for your Consideration

July 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Speaking of “inspired”, I sometimes use pictures as a way to visualize the characters that I think of. I could only wish that I was an artist so that I could draw what I see in my head, but apparently that’s really hard.

So be it, and I use the next best thing: random pictures I find on the internet! I’m going to put some up, and you can try and guess who is who. I’ve listened to a podcast where, among other things, they said that some readers like to imagine characters for themselves. For that reason, I hesitated a little about posting these. But I’m putting them up because I actually use them. In a perfect world, I think of a person and then find a picture, but in this less perfect world, I sometimes have to compromise. But as compromise is for suckers and communists, I try to do my best.

Oh, and if you recognize a picture, please direct me to the artist/person. Credit where credit is due, and I love supporting people who make things I like.


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