A Little Light Reading and Contest Result!

July 24, 2011 § 5 Comments

So, this is what I plan to do with the rest of my summer.


The speed at which I read The Constitutional History of England will be directly proportional to the speed at which I drink the Kraken.I’ve had those books sitting in my room for almost a year now, and decided that it was time to get them read. I carefully stacked them in the middle of my dirty, dirty room (apologies, natch) so that I would have them in front of me at all times, serving as a constant reminder. Of course, I then spent a few months knocking them over and walking around them, swearing at midnight when they all toppled over. But then summer came, and I said “Yes! Now I can read them! I can do it with impunity!”

And then A Dance with Dragons came out, I bought Ghosts of War, The Blade ItselfHagakure, and I’m waiting for Ghost Stories to hit the shelves, so fuck that noise. That is how responsibility works around John’s house: I will, I will, I will, and then I don’t, and now I have more books to read. Truly, the life of an aspiring writer is dreary and filled with rum, whisky, and reading (which ain’t so bad, I suppose).

Speaking of aspiring writer, Nova has finally come through!


Well, I have two ideas so here’s order of preference:

First off that AC slashfic is still the best thing I’ve come up with and it will induct you into the fall of slashfic fame but you need to play the game. You won’t do justice to it if you’re not familiar with the charcters/factions and don’t have the nostaligia factor. So you could play AC for a while and talk to Kolin and mineself to get a feel for it. Maybe do a few MP games after playing through it once yourself for the story such as it is and the proper single player experience.
You could try tackling Mass Effect and write a piece which I refer to in my head as “A Day in the Life of Captain Shepard: Renegade with a Brain”. Essentially do any situation, either make one up or steal it from the game, and write how a proper renegade would handle it rather than some fuckwit 5 year old schoolyard bully like the writers have it in the game. For reference see Jade Empire’s Closed Fist path before it degenerated into another good/evil choice system.
I’m sorely tempted to do the second one, if only because what I imagine to be a renegade would either a) terrify the lot of you, or b) be such an absolute wimp that he doesn’t even deserve the title. However, the first one is also a slash fiction. SUCH TEMPTATION. Because Nova didn’t follow through and choose something definitively, I clearly have to put it up to everyone else. If you prefer one over the other, lemme know.
And speaking of temptation…enjoy your Sunday afternoon.

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