Vampire Part 6, and That’s a Wrap

July 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yep. S’all done! Short, but this part has some of my favourite bits. Hope you’ve enjoyed it, and let me know what you think!


First, as of right now (10:37 PM EST), I have not had final word from the prize winner. He is clearly too shell-shocked from winning such a fabulous prize that coherent thought is beyond him. That’s ok, it’s cool. Breathe in. Breathe out. Let your mind clear…and give me an answer. He was considering an Alpha Centauri slashfic, but that has not been finalized.

Second, I need to move on this stuff earlier in the night so people actually see it when I post it.

I’m pleased because this is the last of The Vampire’s Touch (another title I’m not actually that pleased with). Finishing something is am immense ego-boost, even something so (relatively) small as this story. It’s the difference between dreaming and doing, I suppose, and when you get to make something you dream come true, it’s a pretty nice feeling.

Also, I hope you like music, because I sure like spreading it around. If you know an awesome band/person, please please please pass them along. I commute around 1.25 hours a day, which is the average length of an album. I hunger for music with unending pangs of desire. I need it. So give, please. You wouldn’t want me to go hungry, would you? That would be mean, and I thought you were nice. See if I give you any of my Dunkaroos next time.


Once in his room the familiar excitement took hold in his stomach. He lit several lamps and drew back the blankets on the bed. He opened the window, and gazed at the enormous moon that hung in the sky. He took off his jacket and felt a draught at his back. Turning, he saw Mina in her full glory, silhouetted by the moon and looking simply ravenous.

She fell on him, kissing him urgently and with a palpable hunger.

“Wait, Mina, wait!” He pushed her off of him, and struggled out of his shirt and tie. A wicked look filled her face.

“Good idea Campion! Why rush too much when we can enjoy ourselves so much more?” She pulled at her dress and from a hidden slit it tore away, leaving her in a black corset, negligible chemise, and very little beneath.

Campion nearly fainted at the sight of her nearly naked and so close to him. He fumbled at his shirt and heard buttons come loose but finally drew it over his head. He was left sitting bare from the waist up as she climbed on top of him.

She began to kiss him again, but quickly slowed. Her ministrations lost their urgency as she kissed his bare chest, until she looked up at him in confusion. He smiled, sheepishly feeling like a young boy again, and gently pushed her off him.

“I fear you were not as attracted to me as you thought. Please, pick up my shirt.”

“What do you mean Campion? Don’t you want to continue?”

“Please. Just for a moment.”

Mina, clearly confused, picked up the discarded shirt. At once, her eyes turned back to a bright copper and she tackled him onto the bed. He cried out as he tried to push her off of him. “Wait, wait! It’s the clothes! It’s not me!”

He grabbed hold of her shoulders and rolled to face her, even as she ceased her frantic caresses. She looked at him with a growing turmoil in her eyes, as he felt all the words flow out of his mouth like the Ganges in flood.

“I’ve been wearing Bloodsilk all night. The Chinese, they dip it in blood when they make it, it gives it that rust colour, but that must have been what you were smelling. I wasn’t wearing any perfume, I simply smelt of blood and sweat, and that was must have been what you were detecting on me!”

Mina’s prior intimacy disappeared immediately. A dangerous look came into her eyes. “I do not like being made a fool of, Campion, nor do I much like being led by the nose. Take off your pants.”

Campion’s heart soared. “Do you mean-”

“No you idiot! I want to see if what you’re saying is true.”

“Oh, yes, of course.” Abashed, he removed his trousers and gave them to Mina, while he awkwardly tried to cover himself with the blankets. Mina did not seem the least bothered by his near-nakedness, but instead began sniffing the clothing and sniffing the air.

After an eternity of that, she seemed satisfied. She smiled sweetly at Bond, and slapped him full across the face.

“That was for allowing this one step beyond propriety.”

Bond rubbed at his burning cheek. He was once again reminded of how strong vampires were. “But you accosted me in the hall!”

She glared at him with enough vehemence to turn a charging rhino. He shut up. She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

“And that is for stopping me when you knew what was happening. Not a few men would have simply carried on and hoped for the best. They would not have seen the dawn.”

Bond’s emotions surged from hope to fear to hope and back enough to make his head spin. He eventually just nodded at her. She got up from the bed and, despite extreme reluctance on the part of Bond, enrobed herself in her dress. Turning to leave, Mina paused at the door and said over her shoulder.

“It seems I was right about what I said earlier. That suit did bring your finer features to the fore, even if they were not what I expected of you.”

She paused again with her hand on the door handle. “Oh, and I saw what you did to Hawley and Nemo. For Jekyll’s sake, I approve. You are quite the man, Bond. I shall look forward to seeing you again. A good night to you.”

The door was closed for many minutes before Bond could drop the covers and yell a shaky, “Good night!” to the world.


Bond sat on a bench near his door, smoking the last of his cigar. It had been an excellent one, full of flavour and bite, and served to calm his shaky nerves. He had been sitting for some time before a ragged voice called out from the shadows.

“For the love of God, Bond, go inside so I can follow! I don’t want to be seen like this!”

Jekyll’s voice was plaintive, and his urging was pathetic in the highest. Bond simply picked up a dressing gown and laid it out on the empty seat on the bench. Then, he obviously turned away to look at the door.

A low muttering followed Jekyll all the way to the bench, through his dressing in the robe, and finished with him seating himself beside Bond. Campion wordlessly offered him a new cigar, which Jekyll took with some more muttering. They sat in silence before Jekyll said,

“Thank you for the dressing gown.”

“Thank you for the advice you gave me.”

There was an awkward pause, while Jekyll hurriedly smoked half the cigar in one go. He exploded into coughing, but quickly regained his breath.

“You didn’t have to throw out Hawley on my account, nor Nemo for that matter.”

“I didn’t. They offended me, and I dealt with them as I saw fit.”

“Regardless, thank you. Was it satisfying?”

Bond’s eyes rolled up in his head as he sighed in satisfaction that was physical.

“You have no idea, Henry. The look on his face after I kicked him,” Bond sighed. “I fear I’ll never be able to appreciate the arts again, after that. It was the best of opera, poetry, painting, all rolled into one mass of Nemo on the ground clutching his ballocks.” He sighed again. “Ah well, God ordained that all the best things happen but once.”

Jekyll chuckled, and was silent for a moment. “I believe that’s the first time you’ve called me by my first name.”

“So it is.”

They sat in silence again, Jekyll fidgeting while Bond finished the tip of his cigar.

“So, I imagine you did…not do…it?”

“It” means so many things, Henry, but no, I did not lay with the beautiful Miss Mina Murray. Much as I wished to, it was not meant to be tonight.”

Jekyll let out a breath. “Oh, well, that is, good, I suppose.”

“I suppose as well. Good night, Henry.”

Bond walked over to his door, opened it to the night, and shut the door. 



From the delightful Chad VanGaalen. A Canuck, for what it’s worth, and the rest of the album is quite good.



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