A Stunning Return To Form

July 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

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​I​ am tired and all I want to do is watch Avatar The Last Airbender and play Mechwarrior Online.

​But instead, I wrote something that I think you’ll enjoy instead!

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Hey, Listen!

July 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yes, that means you!

So, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve moved most of my stuff over to my new site, http://www.johnmoyer.ca. I’m still working out kinks in terms of followers and all that, and yes, I think you’ll have to re-follow if you want to see me as I keep updating my blog, but this is a reminder that

soon I will stop updating this site, http://www.unintentionalgenius.wordpress.com.

It’s served me well, but soon I will need to move on to things that are better, bigger, and something that’s more “my own”. Please join me over there, because I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy yourself there too!

And now, the actual post:

Now I’m not late because I didn’t have anything to say. I’m late because I was making stew and misread the directions. It did indeed say simmer for 15 minutes. The real problem was that it also said simmer for an hour before doing that.



Further, this post is going to be a little less heavy on story and a bit more on meta-story. I would apologize, but I won’t because this is my blog and I can do what I want.

I realized, looking at both my reader’s involvement and what I’ve been doing for the past few months, that I’m not delivering on what I wanted this blog to be. I had originally intended for the “give me a story idea” to accomplish two goals:

  1. Give me cool things to write about that I could then give back to you guys
  2. Do a lot of them, and thereby get to explore different writing styles, genres, and the like.

Looking back, I’ve been working on the same story for the past 7 and a half months. That’s a looooong time, and despite the fact that it has been a productive few months, when I ask people their opinion on what I’ve written, this is universally what I get:

It’s too long.

At first, I didn’t understand it because, hey, I wrote it, and reading takes a hell of a lot less time than writing. What I didn’t figure, however, was that you all are busy people who only have so much time because your days are, like mine, already crammed to the gills with other, more interesting stuff. If you come here at all, it’s a bonus for me, so don’t think I’m complaining. I’m not. I’ve been working shitty retail jobs long enough to realize that yes, the customer isn’t always right, but I still have to make you happy.

So it’s time for a little reboot.

Nothing significant is going to change because that’s not what needs fixing. What needs fixing is my schedule.

Effective immediately, Lovers is no longer going to be updated on the front page. I’m still going to put updates on the “On-Going Stories” page and I’m still going to finish it (rest assured, I’ve come far enough that stopping now would be A) stupid, and B) really stupid), but I am, effective immediately, going to ask you folks for story/essay/whatever you want me to write ideas for a new story/essay/whatever you want me to write.

Again, I’m not abandoning anything, and I’m very happy I have a novel out of this, but making novels for you to read wasn’t the intention of this blog. It’s not the right avenue, and I only now realize that.

So consider this the first retcon in Published Just In Time’s history, but rest assured! This won’t be the last!


  1. Think of an idea for something to write about.
  2. Put it in my comments.
  3. If I pick it, you get something that I’ve written about.
  4. Profit.

Thank you all for coming and visiting my little corner of the internet. It might not mean much to you (and I certainly fret too much over usage stats), but it means a lot to see people reading what I’ve written.




Just What Is That Damn Fool Thing Called Evil: Part Two

July 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

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Part One is here.

For anyone who hasn’t read the first part, since playing the game inFamous and reading books with “evil” protagonists, I’ve been looking at what evil means in video games and books. The last part was a discussion of some particular things I saw in-game, but I think I missed a basic point that is pretty important to talk about: when I’m talking about “evil”, what do I mean? What does that word mean?

I’ve also restructured how I’m going to talk about this a bit; the first part isn’t negated, per se, but it isn’t exactly true anymore. Please forgive me; I was really hurried and tired that morning.

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From The Depths Of The Withering Nether

July 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

As usual: johnmoyer.ca has all of the beef.


So much to do! I’d best start from the beginning:

Week 28: The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern

This book. Oh, this book.

Every so often I find a writer who thinks in a way that’s similar to mine and that similarity allows me to think we’re operating on the same wavelength. I feel I understand that author; what they were trying to do and that allows me to appreciate what they did that much more. But the best part about finding an author like that is when they are similar to me in thought, but very different in execution.

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I’m Late!

July 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m Late! No time to cross post, so check out johnmoyer.ca if you want to read my post today!

Great Balls Of Fire

July 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

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I have discovered Arrested Development. My life is pretty much over for the next two weeks.

In other news, work proceeds as scheduled! So I hope you like story, because I haveheapingplatefuls for you (they’re kind of over-flowing, really).

XX Part Deux

“Bet it stings a little, don’t it?”

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The Most Fragile Of Things

July 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

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This day is a day of days in Canada.

July 1st is Canada Day, and it’s ostensibly the birthday of the nation; when a couple of provinces and territories actually became “Canada”. We’re one of the few countries in the world that was created out of a hat. By that, I mean Canada wasn’t entirely a happy union, nor was it a peaceful one, and it wasn’t made in the same way that many European nations were, where language, religion, culture, geography, and politics exerted a sort of gravitational effect to draw in provinces and spit out nations. Instead, it was an an agreement that not everyone wanted and which has only loosely bound us together. John A. MacDonald threw a couple of provinces into his hat, shook it around for a bit, and upended a country on the table. This means we don’t have the strongest bonds of any country, and Canada, despite our convictions otherwise, is not a completely peaceful union and it is certainly fragile.

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